Monday, 15 August 2016

Strawberry Sketches #SS005

I'm so thrilled! Sarah's card this week was inspired by my Sketch Challenge#SS004. Sarah has mentioned my name on her blog and in her video. Thank you Sarah! *hugs and kisses* It is a big encourage for me.

This week's challenge:

This is my interpretation of the challenge:

Strawberry Sketches SS005

In fact, I was struggled a bit to come up with a stamp that looks nice to repeat several times on a card. I wanted to make it fun, so I've used the Christmas stockings! They are from the new Holiday Catalogue! To make it more fun, I have mixed it up with stamp and cut out from the matching thinlits. I love the combination of the colours and the card looks fresh and bright!

The colours I have used on this card:


  1. Vanessa this is a great card - so colourful - great work!

  2. Hi Vanessa!!! It was a pleasure to mention you! Cute socks on this card!


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